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Bathroom and kitchen plumbing


Installation of a sump pump


Shower repair


Installation and upgrading of faucet


Unclogged toilet drain


Sewer line cleaning


Residential plumbing

Plumbing services during construction of the house are easier than plumbing work in constructed house. You need a plumber who creates less mess yet deliver fantastic plumbing work.

Water hose-bib installation

Maintenance of pipe bib is necessary. Due to extreme damage water hose bib easily get damaged. A to Z plumbing services offer the complete installation of hose bib along with 1 month checking the warranty.


Toilet repair and maintenance

Selecting an experienced plumber for the installation and repair of the toilet is very important. A to Z plumbing services are master in toilet repair and upgrading. Call us today for the clogged and leaky toilet.

Copper re-piping

Are you experiencing a low pressure of water? Your water color turn yellow or rust? We offer complete or partial copper re-piping.

Why choose A to Z plumbing services

There are thousands of plumbing service provider companies in Newhall California, but you cannot rely on everyone. You want a company who provided your best quote with excellence in their plumbing work. And work according to your schedule and do not charge much for a premium service.

We understand the physics of plumbing

Plumbing works on the phenomena of gravity. You have command of gravity theory and its effect on the pressure of water than you can purpose excellent and efficient plumbing system designs. Our plumbers know the whole phenomena about gravity effect on water pressure. So we design your water pipelines according to it.

Understand the complete water plumbing system

Water plumbing system consists of two water plumbing subsystem. One subsystem brings fresh and clean water, and the wastewater takes out by other water plumbing sub-system. A to Z plumbing service’s plumber knows this system very well.

  • By hiring us, you can save your money and time.

  • Best plumbing rates.

  • Trouble free plumbing.

  • Offer both gas and water plumbing system installation and repair.

  • Emergency plumbing 24 hours seven days a week.


Eugene A. Conklin

We offer the amazing plumbing services at reasonable rates.

Robert P. Ritenou

 It’s hard to get the plumbing services at cheap rates but with us being economical is possible.